Is it instant coffee in disguise?

26 May

For whatever reason, folks on this side of the Atlantic ocean aren’t fans of instant coffee.

Or so they think.

In Europe, it’s completely different. Little packets of instant coffee can be found in nearly every cabinet and hotel room. Right next to an electric kettle.

But here, hotel rooms and personal kitchens have all sorts of crazy brew machines. With timers and beepers and grinders. And they always need to be cleaned and they always take up a crap-ton of space.

And this is more convenient than just dumping tiny packets of dehydrated crystals in water and running away?

So someone created this thing (although it’s certainly not the first instant-coffee machine).

The Wolfgang Puck CafeExpress 2, by Skynet.

And I’m not saying it uses instant coffee and tea, but I am saying that anything that can “brew” tea or coffee in less than 30 seconds from a filter pack can’t be using virgin tea leaves or coffee beans. After all, tea takes at least two minutes.

This bastard machine is tricking everyone.

I don’t trust it.

Unlike the old Flavia machine, it doesn’t even dispense hot water … unless, of course, you ask it for a latte.


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