The Sake Years

25 Sep

Like most suburban teens who discovered alcohol, I had no idea what was good.

There was Boone’s Farm and there was this stuff called Mad Dog 20/20. Or at least I think that’s what it was called. I’m not going to Google it.

There was Zima, which was like the Smirnoff Ice of 1999, and Bud Ice, which was Budweiser with more booze in it.

Anyway, I knew jack shit about alcohol.

So in college, once I turned 21, it was all about exploring.

Enter Dr. Brew, PhD., who introduced me to my party beverage of choice my final year in college. Sake. See, she and I had saved up a ton of dimes so we went to this little sushi place near our college. And Dr. Brew ordered a bottle of sake for us.

I wasn’t even drinking wine, yet, but I was going to give this sake stuff a try.

My life changed. It was so good! Sort of sweet, but it tasted like rice.

It also got us incredibly smashed. We got so silly-drunk that we couldn’t drive back to my apartment. So we decided to eat more whatever rolls instead of using that money for books.

Dr. Brew ruined me that day. After that, I took a bottle of sake to every party I went to, and it sort of became my thing. Sure, my friends made fun of me. But I didn’t care.

For whatever reason (pregnancy/breastfeeding), I haven’t had sake in a while. But I got a bottle the other day. And it’s taking me back to the early 2000s. All I need is a midriff-exposing shirt, crimped hair, and a choker and I could be 21 again.


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