The only thing better than a cookie is cookie dough cookie sandwich.

10 Jul

I just blew your mind.

A cookie dough cookie sandwich. That’s cookie dough sandwiched between two cookies.

I had one last week thanks to the Dessert Doctor. He brought some that he made with his own two hands and some sugar. And let me tell you that it blew my mind.

In fact, just remembering that crunchy, mushy mix was enough to make me run around the building I’m in search of any kind of cookie. And what I found is only doing an okay job of satisfying the need for homebaked goods.

Because no matter what, a pre-packaged cookie will never ever compare to something from someone’s house. And then when that cookie is accompanying it’s own pre-baked dough (sans eggs, the Dessert Doctor said, so you don’t die of whatever), it’s a better match than salt with pepper.

The only way you can make something more glutinous and delicious than a cookie dough cookie sandwich is by incorporating one with a cheesecake or pie. But that’s borderline obscene, even for food porn. A dessert like that might only be available in Japan or Germany. And in a back alley, no less.



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