A Tasty Little Announcement

3 Jul

Hello, devoted readers.

We have an exciting little announcement. My husband, our very own King of Awesome, has a new job.

He’s working for Lakewood Brewing Company, Dallas’ third official brewery (although they’re physically located in Garland about a mile from Dallas … blame zoning laws).

Anyway, it’s one of the reasons I haven’t been writing much lately. And no, not because I’m constantly drinking. Although, maybe my intake has increased.

That isn’t to say I’m working at Lakewood, either. Because I’m not. I’m just a Beer Wife (which would be an excellent reality show, by the way).

Regardless, this is very cool because working at a brewery is one of those dream jobs that many people would love to have, but few actually get. Plus, Lakewood beer is awesome. And they’re set to start brewing very very soon, so maybe you too (if you’re local) will get a chance to try their stuff in the near future.

Anyway, congratulations to my king, my love, my super-sudsy hubsy.

Be expecting even more beer promoting.


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