Dallas Trader Joe’s Updates

21 Jun

Alas, Trader Joe’s isn’t coming to the Lake Highlands Town Center, which we all knew. But they’re still going to be very very close.

The northwest corner of Walnut Hill and 75 is going to be TJ Home #2 for Dallas. That’s the corner that currently has nothing but 42 acres of grass (42 acres? Really?). Rumor has it the new location will open sometime in 2013.

And like Dallas is apt to do, they’re creating another shopping center there. Allegedly, of course.

Dallas’ first location is going to be on Lower Greenville where the Arcadia Theatre used to be. You know, before the fire.

And rumor has it that the Metroplex’s first Trader Joe’s is already open in Fort Worth. And by “rumor,” I mean it opened on June 15, 2012. Hmm, maybe I’ll be taking a trip to Cowtown sometime soon. It’s time to stock up on chocolate covered edamame and proprietary snack foods.

Oh, and fucking Plano is getting a Trader Joe’s later this summer. Fucking Plano.


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