The Best Sandwich in the World. Yeah, I went there.

30 May

Let’s talk about this fucking sandwich, because it’s long overdue that I tell you about it.

Number 10 THE VEGETARIAN from Urban Eatz. Now many places have sandwiches with the same name, but I can tell you right now they are inferior. Urban Eatz’s sandwich is warm and stuffed with roasted red peppers, creamy avocado, grilled zucchini (I’m drooling, FYI), and topped with the best pesto cream cheese concoction every created.

Then provolone cheese and tomatoes are thrown in, too. And it’s all bookended with toasted ciabatta bread and held together with one of those frilly toothpicks.

Every few months, we order Urban Eatz on set. And I’ve always asked for the Vegetarian, and I can’t deviate.

No joke, when I  know we’re having Urban Eatz for lunch, I wake up happier than normal. I actually get out of bed and go, “Oh! I get my vegetarian sandwich today! Hell yeah.” Today, I got stuck behind a train and was late. And I didn’t fucking care because that sandwich was in my near future.

My out-in-the-open enthusiasm for the sandwich has made others curious. So they started ordering it. And now tons of my meat-eating co-workers now dine on this delicious dish because IT’S THE BEST FUCKING SANDWICH IN THE WORLD.

Is it the bread? Is it the pesto? Is it gypsy magic? I have no idea and I don’t care. I just want another one of those sandwiches.

Sorry I didn’t post a photo. I couldn’t wait a moment longer before devouring it.


P.S. The Dessert Doctor is also a huge fan of Urban Eatz. He’s blogged about their delectable cookies before.


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