I had an ice cream sandwich for lunch.

17 May

I haven’t been blogging a lot this week, and I apologize to the three of you who give a shit.

I could throw excuses at you all day about how I’m so busy, I barely have time for lunch (which I always eat lunch), so I had to pick eating over blogging for Yummy Awesome.

Blah blah blah.

But I am taking a moment to tell you about my lunch today. My inner five-year old got her wish and had ice cream and cookies for lunch.

Because Dallas finally got a Cool Haus truck, and I just couldn’t resist.

Just to give you the basic idea of what they sell, you pick a cookie and then you pick an ice cream. Then you gorge.

I had  chocolate chip cookies (my favorite) lovingly cradling Nutella and almond ice cream. It was almost too decadent. But since it’s all that I ate, I managed to lick the last bit off of my fingers without being disgusted at myself.

Don’t tell my doctor.

The only time I looked happier was on my wedding day … probably while eating pie.


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