What I Ate Over My Pre-Summer Vacation

7 May

Last week, I took time off from writing.

That’s a half-truth. I did a little writing. But I did way more eating than working, trust me. Because that’s what time off is for, enjoying food again.

I probably ate my weight in Newman’s Own cookies. Are they healthy? Fuck no. No cookie is good for you, no matter how much cookie-diets tell you they are and how much non-dairy ingredients are subbed in.

I emptied a few containers of  coco dusted almonds. Enjoyed a bag or two of  sun-dried tomatoes from Natural Grocers. And made a mess around me with rice cakes (say they taste like nothing all you want, I love them).

I made margaritas. Real margaritas, not shitty margaritas you get from mix. I squeezed at least thirty limes and emptied a bottle of tequila into a pitcher and mixed it up with love (Contreau). They were exactly what margaritas are supposed to taste like. I even salted the rims of my fancy-pants margarita glasses.

And you know what? I got very drunk. And I’m okay with that.

I also mashed up some avocados for homemade guacamole. And I lovingly added a hint of garlic and salt. And more limes. Man, there were a ton of limes.

I’m having flashbacks now of great meals I had over my hiatus. But there was some icky food in there, too. But I’m going to focus on and release the good. And start writing again. I guess.

Release the good.


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