Pavlov’s Gut Reaction

30 Apr

Quintessential, Trader Joes? How about queasy? Because I don't feel like spraying the walls with my vomit today.

My quinoa allergy/bad reaction/intolerance is so bad, that whenever I hear about quinoa, I start to feel bad.

It’s like the little tinkling bell of Pavlov, only it’s more like a demonic gut boil. Whatever that sounds like.

Fuck that noise.

Read about my terrible experiences with nature’s number one super grain here: Quinoa Can Suck It


One Response to “Pavlov’s Gut Reaction”

  1. Alison March 23, 2014 at 3:11 AM #

    I suspect I have just eaten Quinoa in a very small biscuit the size of a ten cent piece………… I have been vomiting and in pain for hours now. If I knew it contained quinoa Ii definately would not have eaten it. I have had this reaction before twice and felt unwell for 24 hours. I used to eat it without any problem and I have always washed it thoroughly.
    Unfortunately I didn’t even consider the biscuit could contain Quinoa, apparently Quinoa flour. Well,I have just learnt to be extremely careful in the future to check anything new I eat!

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