All of our food is killing us while keeping us alive.

18 Apr

Fruits are genetically engineered.

Meat isn’t really meat anymore.

Dairy is mainly  mushed up hormones … that are artificial!

Anything cooked is like poison to your body.

What the fuck is wrong here?

All of this stuff I’m ingesting from food safety documentaries, the press, my friends, rings true … to a certain point. But enough is enough.

Fine. I’ll try to buy local produce, since apparently an apple isn’t really an apple after five days. Or I just think it seems silly to ship the same items back and forth.

And I’ve already got my husband eating meat from hippie farmers instead of the big, nasty name brands. Because I don’t want his balls to fall off.

And I’ll even make sure some food isn’t heated over 130 degrees, or what the fuck ever it is, so they maintain ultimate vitamin content. Or maybe just because I think they taste better raw.

But I can’t keep track of all of the food news anymore. I can’t keep comparing all of the warring scientific studies. And I’m not learned enough, unfortunately, and government-funded enough to run my own fucking experiments and grow my own crops.

So I try to be an educated consumer. But now I may be over saturated instead.

I do think it’s fucked up that buying a few pieces of fruit at the grocery store costs more than a fast food burger. There’s no excuse for that. I do think it’s strange that we get our vegetables from thousands of miles away. And I’m not wild about the fact that most of the food I eat has been dipped in bleach or is coated with some lab-created membrane (that I only recently found out about).

I’d provide you with all of the frightening links, but I’m kind of at a loss where to start.

I eat food to stay alive. That’s the real reason to eat. Despite how delicious food can be, it is meant to keep us breathing. However, much of today’s food also seems to be … I don’t want to say “killing us,” because we’d sooner die of starvation not eating it … not keeping us in as good of condition as we could be in.

And this angry (and hungry) little food blogger doesn’t even know how to start fixing this dilemma.



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