Silence, food!

16 Apr

“Villians,” I shrieked, “dissemble no more! I admit the deed!—tear up the planks!—here, here!—it is the beating of his hideous heart!”

Perhaps using the last paragraph of Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart” is a bit dramatic when writing about the food in my desk, but the insanity it fosters in me is dramatic.

I simply can’t have food in my desk without wanting to eat it. Even if I’m not hungry, all I want to do is snack on those almonds or eat that bananna. Even if lunch was only an hour and a half ago and I am beyond satisfied.

It’s like I can hear the food calling out to me. I’m delicious, it coos. I’m healthy, it tells me. I’m right here, it finally says.

And it won’t be quiet until it’s good and in my stomach and dead.

Why is this? Why is just knowing food is around make me want to eat it? Am I not getting enough nutrients in my diet? Am I bored? Are there tiny bits of nicotine or other addicting substances added to my food?

It’s possible. Or it could just be the beating of that delicious heart.


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