The Blue Box Blues

20 Mar

First off, I can’t believe I actually found this commercial. I fucking love the Internet.

Second, I opened my pantry the other day to see a box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese hanging out on the shelf with my polenta, almonds, and various jars of stuff.

I can’t remember the last time I had Kraft Mac & Cheese. Maybe in college? My freshman year is when Easy Mac entered the market. It was billed as a snack, but for Dr. Brew, PhD. and me (who were perpetually poor and always hungry … being 18 and in a dorm will do that to you), that shit was a meal. All we had to do was run down the hall to the community bathrooms, get just the right amount of water, dump it into the plastic Easy Mac cup, microwave, and … probably get some sort of disease. There’s no way it was good for us.

But we ate it all the damn time.

And we’re both still alive.

Anyway, since I’ve become an adult (note: ha!), my palate has become a bit more discriminating, and microwaving plastic scares me to death (although the inside of the microwave is plastic–what the fucking fuck?).

If I’ve eaten macaroni and cheese as of late, it’s been with cream and cheese–not the powdered stuff from a blue box. But truth be told, I haven’t even made macaroni and cheese in years.

So staring at that blue box brought back some fond memories of standing on a stool in my mom’s kitchen. Throwing a dollup of sour cream into the bowl (because Mom says that made it better). And then probably eating the entire box because a kid knows dick about serving size.

Holding the box of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese in my hands, I directed a question to the King of Awesome, who had now joined me in the kitchen.

“Why’d you get this?”

“I thought we could treat ourselves,” he answered, followed by a little hug.

It was so cute and so sweet, but I still eyeballed the ingredients on the box fearing what I’d find. But then I decided to relax. One powdered packet of cheese isn’t going to kill me.

Plus, that shit is good.


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