Grimaldi’s is unimpressive, over-priced, a letdown.

26 Feb

Pizza is my favorite food. Napolitano, brick oven, Chicago deep dish, Pizza Hut … I will devour it all.

I fucking love pizza.

So naturally I’ve been wanting to try out Grimaldi’s. And last night I did. And last night I was very disappointed.

Maybe Olivella’s and il Cane Rosso have spoiled me. Maybe Lake Highland’s Atomic Pie just has too much flavor. Maybe a childhood of Little Caesar’s ruined me for the flat taste of Grimaldi’s.

It wasn’t bad. I didn’t want to spit it back onto the plate or anything. But I didn’t really look forward to the next bite either.

In fact, I accidentally left my doggie bag at my table. The plan was to eat my remaining slices for breakfast.

I’m not that upset about it.

Except that it just seemed very expensive for what I got. There are no pre-designed pizzas; it’s all tell-us-your-toppings style. Which you’d think would be good. But even those options are blah.

But each mediocre topping was expensive, too. Mushrooms are two bucks, no matter the size of the pizza. Chicken was five. Garlic was two.

Garlic costs thirty cents at the store. And you can actually taste it, unlike on my Grimaldi’s pizza.

And my sundried tomatoes sure didn’t seem very sundried.

It was a shitty meal. It was shitty pizza.

I’m glad I went, because now I know what I was missing. Nothing.


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