Alaca-sandwich! Gandolfo’s food truck saved me from starvation.

21 Feb

For months I’ve heard folks rave about Gandolfo’s food truck in Dallas. From what I know, Gandolfo’s is a NYC deli that’s spreading its Yankee flavor past the New York border via trucks as opposed to brick and morter shops.

Their sandwiches are really good according to oodles of folks I know (and they have two vegetarian options, hooray), but that’s not what I care about.

I like the name Gandolfo’s. Because it sounds like a wizard.

And not some badass, fantastic, Lord of the Rings wizard like Gandolf. It sounds like some cute, goofy wizard who does mere parlor tricks because his skills are just sub-par. He’s Merlin’s little brother or something.

He’s the Gob Bluth of wizards.

“I am the Great Gandolfo! And I shall slice these mushrooms with my magic.”

Perhaps that’s the gag. Gandolfo can only do magic in the kitchen. And that magic is pretty much sandwich specific.

Anyway, I had no lunch last week and no idea where to eat. So I googled “Dallas Food Truck” assuming Gandolfo’s would climb to the top. And it did. So I hopped on Twitter and found them, then walked and ordered a Madison Square Garden sandwich—or whatever NY-themed name it had. It had mushrooms and all kinds of goodness on it. My cashier, however, wasn’t covered in flowing white hair and gigantic, glittery stars like I’d hoped. But you can’t have it all.

However, my sandwich was good and I’ll probably visit the truck again in the future.

Gandolfo’s does’t have an official website but it does have a Facebook page. You can also track it on Twitter.

With my amazing powers, I shall ... toast your bread.


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