V-Day has nothing to do with vegetarianism.

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day is all about love, right?

Love between lovers. Love between friends. Love between man and candy.

I have the first two covered, but the third one breaks my heart. Because many of the best Valentine’s treats are not veggie-friendly.

Cue the saddest fucking violins to ever play music.

One of my favoritest (yep, it’s a word now) Valentine’s candies is Necco Sweethearts. You know the ones with little saying on them. They’re also called conversation hearts.

Well, they’re chock full of gelatin.

I haven’t had a Sweetheart in years. And I miss them like an old friend. Especially the white ones because they had a hint of mint flavoring.

Sure, I could probably cheat and eat them in my closet when my husband is away and no one would ever know. But I can’t do that. Because the guilt would consume me quicker than I could down a box of those tiny, sugary hearts.

It’s okay, though. This tiny box of gelatin-free chocolates will have to sate my sweet tooth for now. And at 10 AM, I’ve already eaten five of those.

Gelatin ruins every holiday.


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