Yeah, I ate chia. No, I’m not proud of myself.

7 Feb

The famous pottery that grows is now the “it” snack. Chia seeds are supposedly high in protein, high in fiber, and not terrible when it comes to taste.

The other night, a good friend presented a bag of chia* to me and said that it was to be our dessert.

I was half intrigued and half scared. After all, my experiences with quinoa make me nervous about super healthy stuff.

But she poured some sweetened almond milk over the seeds and they soaked it up and turned into some tapioca-like substance. And truth be told, it wasn’t bad.

I would actually say it was good.

Although I kept half expecting a garden to grow in my mouth.

I had a Chia head when I was a teenager. Fucking thing attracted fruit flies like you wouldn’t believe. But I never ever thought of harvesting it and eating it (probably because I was too busy batting at flies). I also had a Chia herb garden that grew many herbs, however none of which were Chia. Fun side story, the garden was eaten by a cat named Spice.

Anyway, I ate chia for dessert. And I didn’t die.

Will I eat chia again? Perhaps I will. But I demand to eat it off of a ceramic animal next time.


*I have no idea when I’m supposed to capitalize the word or not. And I’m too damn lazy today to think about it any further.

Eat me.


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