Never again shall you have to pause your video game to eat.

26 Jan

Hey, Xbox players, good news! If you like Hot Pockets, gluttony, and Halo but weren’t sure how to fuse them all together without coming up for air, here’s the product for you!

(There’s supposed to be a video here, but the HTML is buggered. And I don’t know enough HTML to fix it. So click on the following link if you don’t see the player.)

So this guy, Ben Heck, mods Xboxes. And he had the idea to create an Xbox 360 (pronounced three-sixty for you non-gamers) controller that holds a Hot Pocket. And dispenses it!

Do you read excitement in my words! Because you’d be wrong. I’m disgusted!

Probably because I’m a PlayStation fan and I think Hot Pockets are just gigantic Totino’s Pizza Rolls. Which are also gross.

Bagel Bites, on the other hand, were genius and responsible for me getting through middle school.


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