Whoa, so 2012, when did that happen?

2 Jan

If you’re a devoted enough Yummy Awesome reader (which let’s be honest, there are like four of you … and we sincerely love you with chocolate-coated kisses), you may have noticed a lapse in posts over the holidays.

For that, we’re sorry. We’re very sorry. But as you can imagine, we were too damn busy gorging on candy and mashed potatoes and more candy to type.

Have you ever tried to type with sticky candy fingers? It isn’t pretty. My keyboard looks more like a toddler teething toy than a MacBook.

Anyway, sometime within the last 48 hours or so, 2012 happened. And it’s common to make a resolution every new year in order to better oneself.

However, I think we’re all pretty fucking perfect around here. So our only resolution is to eat less bad food. And by “bad,” I mean “not tasty.”

Happy fucking new year, readers. Here’s a picture of my Trader Joe’s¬†gingerbread house for you. You see my husband, the King of Awesome, on the roof hanging lights. My Dog of Awesome is on the side pooping, see the candy poop? And to up the ante, there was actually a flame coming out of the chimney thanks to some Southern Comfort, but the blue light didn’t show up in the picture. Just believe me that it’s there.

What you don't see is the candy orgy inside of the house.




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