I ate french fries for breakfast. Don’t judge me.

14 Dec

I hardly ever eat fast food. After all, I can’t. Being a could-I-stab-it-to-death-atarian sort of puts a virtual stone wall around many fast food eateries.

But that didn’t stop me from tearing into some animal-style fries from In “N’ Out Burger this morning.

“But, Queen of Awesome,” you ask, “how did you get In ‘N’ Out fries so early in the morning?”

Well, my adorable King of Awesome went to the weekly Brewsday Tuesday at the Common Table and decided to get himself a burger on the way home. And since he knows I’m a woman and a french-fry-devouring stereotype (women will always eat your fries; we can’t help it; hunger matters not), he brought me a ooey goey container of the sloppiest, onion-slathered, cheesy fries known to man.

They were so good, I wanted them to be the first thing I ate this morning.

It was the best fucking breakfast I’ve had in a long time, too. I love being a grown up.

You and me, baby, ain't nothing but mammals.


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