Please tell me “MMMhop” isn’t real.

5 Dec

This sounds like another awful Saturday Night Live sketch, but I’m starting to think it isn’t.

Apparently, 90’s teeny bopper wet dream Hanson is going to make a beer. And they’re going to call it MMMhop.

I heard about this a week ago, and dismissed it because it sounds so fucking ridiculous. But the headlines keep rolling down my newsfeed.

MMMhop. It’s really called MMMhop. Fucking MMMhop!

Do the kids (I’m going to call them kids, even though I think one of them is my age and one might be older than me, and to be fair they all have kids and shit so they’re pretty adult, but they’re fucking HANSON!) in Hanson really even like beer? Are they serious beer drinkers? Do they know what IPA is? Do they know what hops are?

I never was a big Hanson fan. Sure they were cute and I can even admit their song was catchy as hell, but … MMMhop. Fuck. I can’t even write about anything else because the sheer stupidity of it is making me nauseous. I mean, I want to give them credit because at least they wrote their own music and played instruments. But it’s been like 14 years since that song came out. And it’s one thing if SNL did a joke about it. But they’re really doing it. They’re naming a beer after their one-hit wonder.

MMMhop. Beer by Hanson. Christ on a cracker.

You know what, though? It’s fitting in a way. Because only after a few high-alcohol IPAs would I be able to listen to an entire Hanson album.

MMM ... not.


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