“Crazy Sushi” or “How I lost my Eyebrows”

3 Dec

Well, the Dirty Canadian’s trip to Dallas is coming to an end. And although I should be working on actual work as opposed to blogging before she and I have one last coffee/tea run, I can’t help but procrastinate.

So I’m writing about the crazy sushi roll our friend ordered at lunch the other day. I can’t remember what it’s called. I can barely remember where we got it (I had a lot of saki … that’s it in the weird, rolly polly carafe in the picture).

The roll came out on fire and we had to sit there and watch it burn until it eventually flamed out. There was rice, tuna, and … I have no idea. But it was good (although it oddly tasted like a tofu dog). And the saki was good. I think. Fuck, I don’t remember. I got totally hammered by accident.

I have no alcohol tolerence. I’m like a high school girl in that respect. One beer and I’m all like, “Hey, you guys. HEY! GUYS! I’m SO DRUNK RIGHT NOW! WEEEEE!”

Shit, am I drunk now?




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