We love shout outs. And beer.

25 Nov

As some of you may know (if you follow us on Twitter, anyway), Dallas beer week has come and gone.

And my husband, the King of Awesome, drank his way through Dallas floating on a sudsy, malty, hoppy head.

He was also kind enough to hijack our Twitter and document most of the week.

Anyway, trying to sober him up to have him summarize his experience for this blog has proven a bit difficult. (He did, after all, drink a 40% beer during all of this … it takes a while to wear off.)

But he did meet a cool guy who wrote about a special vegetarian dish that the Common Table prepared. And I’m so bummed to have missed out on it, I could cry. But I won’t. Instead, I’ll link to Javi’s site, We Drink Your Milkshake. His post talks about beer, grits, mesclun, purple potatoes, and all kinds of veggie-friendly goodness.

Javi, hopefully I’ll get to join you fine folks at the next veggie-modified beer dinner. Cheers.



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