I heart gingers.

16 Nov

It’s true. I heart gingers. And although I’m really speaking of the candy, I’ll have you know that my beloved King of Awesome just so happens to be a glorious manly red head … yes, they do exist.

Anyway, my partner preferences aside, I am a ginger addict. When getting sushi, I will eat every shaving of ginger on the table. I would swim in a pool full of ginger ale. And I absolutely can’t get enough of Original Ginger Chews by the Ginger People.

Sure, their cartoon mascot is horrifying. And yes, perhaps the candies are extra sticky and cause my jaw to do that annoying lock thing it does when my food isn’t mush, but who gives a shit! I certainly don’t.

I can’t get enough of these things. And my husband hates them, which works for me because I don’t have to be sneaky and hide them in the toilet tank.

I just close my eyes when I eat them.


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