Addicted to Duros

11 Nov

I live in Texas. Which means I fucking love the hell out of Mexican food.

In fact, if someone claims to be a Texan but doesn’t love Mexican food, they’re lying about one of those claims. But I digress.

One of my favorite Mexican snacks is duros. They’re little … they’re … it’s wheat and … looks like a wagon wheel …

Well, they look like little pasta wheels. I have no idea how they’re made and I don’t care. Because you put them in the microwave (for around 30 seconds) and they puff up and they’re crunchy and delicious and oh so yummy.

I hear you can puff ’em up in some oil, too, but I’m far to impatient to do that.

Anyway, if you like puffy, crunchy treats, give duros a try. You can find them at any Fiesta grocery store.

I wanted to take my own photo, but I ate them before I could.


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