Don’t call that a taco. It isn’t a taco.

7 Nov

I couldn’t help but overhear some women talking about a fun new food their kids had at some stupid carnival or something.

The Walking Taco. It’s Fritos in the bag with sour cream, lettuce, tomatoes, meat, and other taco fixings. You eat it with a fork.

Last time I checked, a regular taco, perfect to walk with, was just about the most convenient food you could eat. After all, you don’t need a fork. Once you finish the last bite, you lick your fingers and keep walking.

If you’re enjoying a horribly named Walking Taco, you have trash that you must dispose of. Therefor kind of undoing the convenience of a nearly perfect food. And isn’t it dangerous to use a fork while walking? If you trip, you get fork stabbed.

I’m all about crazy new food ideas. But a Walking Taco just pisses me off. Maybe because name is so incredibly fucking stupid.

Who would eat Fritos on a taco anyway? We all know Fritos are for chili (says the vegetarian).

It's called a "Walking Taco" because no one was brave enough to call it a "Slop Bag."



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