My Blue Mesa lunch made me blue.

27 Oct

It’s difficult to screw up a veggie wrap.


All you need to do is throw various veggies in a tortilla with some zingy sauce. That’s it.

Apparently not. Le sigh.

Today, I had a boxed lunch from Blue Mesa Grill featuring their veggie wrap. It’s described as a “roasted veggie wrap on a whole wheat tortilla.”

It was lettuce, corn, and sour cream. And it sure seemed like  a flour tortilla, but that’s not really a problem since I prefer flour to wheat.

Anyway, the entire thing was flavorless. And I’m really bummed about it. There were no roasted veggies. In fact, there were hardly any veggies.

You’re Blue Mesa! Throw in some peppers. Some onions. Some mushrooms.

And don’t use sour cream! Or if you do, a little salt is a good thing. But oil and vinegar would have been perfectly acceptable.

Ugh. This post is so boring. Perhaps because I found my lunch totally uninspiring.


One Response to “My Blue Mesa lunch made me blue.”

  1. Liz Baron October 30, 2011 at 1:53 PM #

    Oh no!! Please let me know which location you got your wrap from. It sounds like it was made incorrectly and not up to our standards! So sorry! I would love to make it up to you. Please contact me at I hope to hear from you!!

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