Let people eat lunch.

21 Oct

My favorite meal of the day is lunch. Some people get jazzed over breakfast. Others love to eat by candlelight. Hell, some people like to merge meals and have brunch or linner.

But my favorite meal is by far lunch. It breaks up your day. If it’s light, it powers you through the afternoon. If it’s heavy, it puts you in a sappy, dreamlike state until it’s time for dinner.

Lunch is special. Lunch is something to look forward to.

Lunch is something that should never ever be taken away.

But America is taking people’s lunch hours. When I was in grade school, we always got a measly thirty minutes to eat. It took twenty just to get through the freaking line! This, of course, prepared me for a corporate gig where I’d get an hour of lunch. Which I hardly ever got to take because of looming last-minute deadlines and the leering eyes of superiors. Boss-forbid I come back from lunch ten minutes late, yet get no pat on the back for working forty-five minutes late three days in a row.

Since freelancing, I’ve made it a point that I eat lunch. When I work in an office, I always leave my desk to eat. And I really try to leave my building. I won’t answer my phone if a coworker calls because I’m on my government-mandated break, dammit. I’m fucking eating!

Lunch should be savored. It’s midday therapy for many of us. It’s sacred. And whenever I plan on eating lunch with a friend, it’s a very special thing. I won’t eat lunch with people I don’t like.

So next time you’re microwaving your third frozen dinner of the week, or grabbing a taco at the nearest truck, take a moment and thank the food gods for lunch. Because without it, you’d only have breakfast and dinner.


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