Another “Farewell” to Steve Jobs

6 Oct

Surprise surprise. The writers of Yummy Awesome are Apple addicts.

And I’m very very very saddened by the death of Steve Jobs.

I never met him. I probably never would have met him had he lived longer. But every day, I bang away on some sort of Apple device. And every Pixar movie I’ve ever seen has left me crying for days. I have an Apple sticker on my car, too, even though I don’t usually consider myself brand loyal nor do I like bumper stickers.

But we’re not here to talk about the indisputable genius of the late Steve Jobs. We’re here to talk about his diet. Steve was a pescatarian, and that, my friends, made him even more special.

Just think what Apple would have been called had he eaten meat.

Would I be typing this on a HotDog Pro?

Would you listen to music on the Beef iPod?

Would it be the DrumStick iPhone?

Probably not. But you can never know. Regardless, the world lost a great person recently. A genius. An innovator. And a humble foodie.


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