Should I make another pumpkin pie from a pumpkin?

5 Oct

Last year, I made a homemade pumpkin pie.

When I make something homemade, I don’t cut corners, either. For this particular pie, however, I did cut a pumpkin.

But just barely.

Pie pumpkins have a really tough outer shell. It’s like aluminum or that baked-on enamel that coats expensive dutch ovens. No knife in my kitchen was ready for that pumpkin, and it took me longer to split my gourd than it did to make crust from scratch.

But today, I’m going to Home Depot to buy a circular saw. And although the intent is not to use it in the kitchen, I can’t help but think how much easier a pie pumpkin would be to cut while clamped in a vice on my work table.

Power tools and pies should come together more often.

Screw Kevlar. Armor should be made out of pie pumpkin shells.


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