I made homemade pretzels. Meanwhile, the bread machine rots in Hell.

2 Oct

The King of Awesome and I are in a Supper Club, because we like excuses to eat at excess.

And when dinner is a potluck, we don’t spend as much money.

So this last weekend, we were the hosts. And since it’s now Oktober (yes, with a K—wait for it), our theme was Oktoberfest (there it is).

Beer brats (veggie for me), schnitzel, Reisling, and lingonberry sauce.

And I got the insane idea to make homemade soft pretzels.

I debated making them for about two weeks since I sort of have a history with bread making. But I had to keep reminding myself that when I dropped the evil bread machine, making bread was a stress free experience.

So I took the plunge, literally (did you know you dip raw pretzels in boiling water before baking?) and the results were soft, chewy, salty, and yummy in my awesome,

I highly suggest that you make your own pretzels. They’re a really fun alternative to regular rolls. Plus, they’re a great excuse to eat more mustard!


That's actually two pretzels in the photo. They're working on making baby pretzels.


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