Touché, Mi Cocina.

20 Sep

I was invited to lunch with a few coworkers, and I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

What I forgot to say was, “Where are we going?”

It was Mi Cocina, and I cringed a little. Because as a non-meat eater, I always found it incredibly difficult to eat there.

But it appears that Mi Cocina has changed its wicked ways. In the year plus I’ve been absent from their restaurants, they’ve added a few veggie-friendly things to the menu, including white rice and Latin stir-fry vegetables (which I was told are safe … I’ll know for sure after I start to digest*).

And it wasn’t bad. In fact, I won’t demand we eat someplace else when someone suggests Mi Cocina … like I used to.

I guess I need to go alter my evil rant about that restaurant on the Restaurants v Vegetarians page.

Unless, of course, I shit myself later.**



*Animal proteins will fuck a vegetarian’s system up.

**Sometimes leading to the shits.


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