15 Sep

Everyone’s taste buds change over time. That’s why some of us like stuff we hated as kids or now hate the things we liked as kids.

Perhaps it’s why we can suddenly hate something we liked recently.

Like me with salt and vinegar chips.

I used to really enjoy them. I liked them as recently as a month ago. But I got a sinus infection and while my sense of smell and taste was compromised, the chips tasted like dung to me.

Then when everything was back to normal, I ate one and it still tasted like dung, or the crusty residue underneath a soccer mom’s car’s floor mat.

Did my allergies change my taste for good? Or did aging alter my palette?

Either way, a bag of Pop Chips which once only lasted about two days in my home has now been there for two weeks. And it’ll probably be there another two.

Because I’m not touching them.



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