Dogs like apples. Who knew?

12 Sep

A puppy has joined the Awesome household, and he’s a hungry fellow.

I’ve always heard  that “people food” is bad for dogs. But what qualifies as “people food?”

After staring at every bag, can, and tube of pup snacks, food, and treats, I was thoroughly confused. Some contained things you’d expect—various meats and nasty fillers—but some included apples, blueberries, and carrots.

What? Dogs eat that stuff?

Then when our handsome little guy arrived at the house the next day, courtesy of the rescue organization volunteer, I was informed that apples are indeed great dog treats.

So Puppy got a small green apple chunk last night. And he about lost his shit he loved it so much. In fact, he fucking learned the entire English language in about five minutes just to get more apple treats.

“Puppy, sit,” I commanded as I dangled a crisp apple cube over his head.

Puppy eagerly sat. Then gobbled up his reward.

“Puppy, speak,” I said.

“What would you like me to say?” he responded. Then he ate his next reward.

“Puppy, go to the computer and write copy for Mommy so she doesn’t have to work tonight.”

He couldn’t crack out headlines fast enough.

It also helps that my computer is an Apple.

Regardless, I now have something I can share with Puppy  (my husband slips him steak, which I can’t do). And there’s never a shortage of apples in our house.

"Hide in the grass and you'll get an apple."



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