Coffee so fancy, it should be spelled with a K.

18 Aug

My sister, Jackmama DiCaprio (you know we all have to have weird names on this blog), is a coffee freak. And she recently splurged on one of those Keurig single-serve coffee machines. You know how I feel about those bastard machines, but she actually likes them. Here’s what she has to say about kicking Starbucks out of her life and welcoming Keurig with open counter space.


Since I’m now living with a boy and rent got lower, I decided to finally buy the coffee maker of the rich and famous- the Keurig single-cup brewer. You put a little cup of whatever kind of coffee/tea/hot chocolate/cider you want and hit a button and it makes a single cup of your size preference in 30 seconds. LIKE MAGIC.

I’ve already become obsessed with it. It’s saved me so much time/money already. I have virtually stopped going to Starbucks (Might as well throw this gold card out!) and I haven’t had to scoop coffee grinds, measure, clean up anything. TRUE LUXURY LIFE STATUS.

So then I bought the Aerolatte milk frother (Keurig makes one thats 60 bucks, this one was 20 and with my BB&B 20% off coup it was 16) cause it got the best reviews online. I was skeptical whether or not it would froth up my almond milk but it did LIKE A CHAMP.

Then I bought this yummy chocolate/coffee/sugar sprinkle grinder from TJ’s to top things off, along with cinnamon/vanilla/caramel options.

So now I am pretty much a futuristic barista in my own home. If anyone ever comes over you better come wanting a coffee beverage!

Pictured above is a Vegan iced coconut vanilla latte with steamed vanilla almond milk.

It tastes as good as it LOOKS.

This is fancier than anything I, the Queen of Awesome, have ever drank. I'm a failure at life.


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