The scarier a restaurant looks, the better the food.

8 Aug

Campisi’s Italian Restaurant, particularly the one on Mockingbird Lane, is a Dallas institution.

It kind of looks like an institution, come to think of it.

Don't go here without your violin case.

Word on the streets is that this used to be some famed mob hangout (ever hear of Jack Ruby?). But we’re not talking about the shopping strip’s sordid past. We’re talking about the present, and presently the food at Campisi’s is good.

The Italian food. Don’t be confused by the Egyptian Restaurant sign. There’s nothing Egyptian about Campisi’s (except for all of the mummified corpses underneath).

You’ll park somewhere in the strip and then walk past the bridal shop, the florist, the nail shop. It’s a typical strip mall. Then you enter the doors at Campisi’s and you’ll get totally confused where to go from there.

When you find your way, you must sit in the old side. Just ask a server (there is no host, hostess, or host station). Each booth on that side has a shitty jukebox that takes your quarters. You can barely hear the fucking things, but the novelty is worth your twenty-five cents.

Bring a ski jacket when you go, because it’s literally 60 degrees in there. It’s ridiculous. And it’s really dark, too. So you might want a flashlight. (Maybe it’s cold to preserve the bodies and it’s dark to hide the blood … mob!)

The servers are all awesome. They won’t waste your time if you don’t waste theirs. And their geniuses at finagling the menu to get  you a fair deal.

Speaking of fair,  your plate will get overloaded with pasta, so bring your eating pants in addition to your ski jacket and a flashlight.

Truth be told, this isn’t a gourmet establishment. “Goor-meht,” perhaps. But the food ain’t bad and the prices ain’t bad, either. I love Campisi’s. And I eat there as often as I can.

You can find several Campisi’s locations throughout the Dallas area, but the one on Mockingbird is the best. Don’t let anyone tell you any different.


One Response to “The scarier a restaurant looks, the better the food.”

  1. ashley August 9, 2011 at 8:28 PM #

    So true that the best food (and cheapest) are the hole in the walls. My fav is a little taco stand on Inwood.

    We always joke that Campisi’s is run by mobsters, so we’re like “Can I get a refill? Or not! It’s okay! I’ll just suck on the ice!”

    “I didn’t order anchovies. But I love anchovies! It’s cool, thanks!”

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