I miss having a freaking microwave.

26 Jul

My new kitchen (read: house) came with tons of super sweet and tangy stuff.

But it didn’t come with a microwave. And my nuke-less week has been tough.

Reheating leftovers is a pain. Who wants to crank up the oven for one slice of pizza? No one. That’s why people lie and say they like it cold. They don’t. It’s just laziness and not wanting to wait half an hour for the oven to work its very slow magic. Trust me. I know.

And reheating soup sucks! Now only do I have to dirty the mug I’m going to slurp the soup from, but now I have to get a pot dirty too? Those bitches were expensive and have to be washed by hand. Fuck it, I’m drinking cold soup with my cold pizza. I’m not in the mood to wash a pot.

My husband, the King of Awesome, is also a huge fan of cook-in-the-bag frozen veggies and rice (I hate them because heating up plastic is a death sentence, but that’s another blog altogether). But last night he discovered that his rice has no alternate heating method listed. So he had a starchless dinner (he wasn’t about to take the cold food route like his wife).

Cry me a cold river.

So long story short, we need to get our hungry asses up to Best Buy and get a microwave. But it’s all the way over there (pretend you see me lazily point off into the distance).




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