Wow. I own a kitchen.

20 Jul

Where has the Queen of Awesome been lately? Buying a kitchen.

Well, buying a house, rather.

After tons of non-food related craziness (except for perhaps all of the take-out I’ve ordered in between habitats) I finally have time to blog about eating again. Hoo-fucking-ray.

And I’ll start with my new kitchen. I own a fridge. I own two ovens! What am I going to do with two ovens! I can barely use one! I even own a stove and a kick ass fridge.

You know you’re an adult when you think an appliance is kick ass.

Oh, and I threw out that fucking bread machine. I really wanted to take a baseball bat to it, but moving it just seemed silly. So it went down the apartment trash chute like so many banana peels, moldy jars or whatever, and other pieces of shit. The act was unceremonious and nonchalant, just what that cunt box deserved.

I suppose I could cook bread in one of my two ovens. And then a pie in the other!


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