Yes, it is a passion fruit.

14 Jul

A friend sent me this photo today.

Is she missing teeth? I'll let you make that joke for yourself.

I’ve made no bones (so sorry) about it, I’m not a fan of food that looks like body parts. But this is a whole new level of fucked up (sorry again).

This very happy (single?) lady lives in Brazil and has cultivated a massive amount of dong-shaped passion fruits (by accident it seems, don’t these things always pop up by accident? … sorry a third time). She even charges people admission into her not-so-secret secret garden.

No report on what’s inside of these green oddities, but Brazil’s Agriculture Research talking head’s quote is a happy ending (aye) to this post:

“It’s pretty big. It’s pretty thick. It may even reach 15 to 20 cm in length.”

On a warm day, that is.


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