Bring on the pain, sunflower seeds.

6 Jul

For whatever reason (not pregnancy), I was craving sunflower seeds this morning.

Pickle sunflower seeds, to be more specific (again, not pregnant).

So during the afternoon slump, I ran (walked) down the street (around a few corners) in the 100 plus degree weather (oh Texas summer) to the nearby 7-11 (7-11).

None of this is really relevant. I’m just trying to paint a picture. A salty, tasty picture.

But trekking anywhere in this heat for a simple snack is pretty much a suicide mission. So you can understand the power of this craving.

Peril aside, every time I eat sunflower seeds, it’s always a love/hate thing. I think it’s fun to crunch the shells in my mouth, and it’s even more fun to spit them out (unsanitary and disgusting, but fun).

But the shells are sharp and salty. And this is a bad combination. Because not only do I usually slice my poor mouth to bits, but I’m literally rubbing salt into the cuts.

And if I don’t end up cutting myself, my mouth helplessly puckers over time because of the moisture-sucking saltiness.

It’s certainly some form of masochism. It has to be. After all, it’s a ton of work to get to those teeny, tiny seeds.

So why  not buy pre-shelled? Because those aren’t any fun.

And for the sake of fun, I’ll endure the pain. Besides, love conquers all.


One Response to “Bring on the pain, sunflower seeds.”

  1. tara July 6, 2011 at 4:01 PM #

    I heart Sunflower seeds.

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