Trader Joe’s, come to Lake Highlands.

29 Jun

A while back, I was pissed at Trader Joe’s because they weren’t in Texas. Now they announce they’re coming to Dallas, and I could cover myself in chocolate out of excitement.

But the bigger question remains. WHERE in Dallas?

I propose Lake Highlands. One, because the King of Awesome and I are going to be living there very soon. Two, Lake Highlands is a little more laid back than the rest of Dallas (although it’s no Lakewood). Three, it’s not soccer-mom Frisco.

Lake Highlands and their (our) soon-to-be-built Lake Highlands Town Center is THE PERFECT SPOT for Dallas’s future Trader Joe’s. It’s so perfect, someone even started a Facebook page (not me, I swear).

So if you’re going to jump on a bandwagon, or any wagon, make it the “Trader Joe’s, come to Lake Highlands” bandwagon. Because it’s the right thing to do.

And if Trader Joe’s makes the wrong choice and goes to Cookie Cutter Ville (Frisco), then I’ll just have to have the Dirty Canadian mail me more T.J. contraband from California. And I will cry while eating it.


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