I want SSahm more Korean BBQ tacos.

29 Jun

Dallas is (slowly and gently) embracing the food-truck craze. And yesterday, I got some first-hand experience at eating a street meal.

I’ll start off by saying that my old art director and I once threatened to quit our jobs, move to austin, and open a Chinese Taco stand. We never did, obviously, but I’m happy to say that someone sort of had the same idea. Those folks being the SSahm BBQ people.

SSahm BBQ is a Korean taco food truck which drives around Dallas and feeds the corporate folks. So, what is a Korean taco?

This is a Korean taco. I'm sorry it's sideways.

Basically, it’s Korean BBQ in a taco, which you probably gathered since I’ve said the words Korean, BBQ, and taco about six times each already. I had the tofu taco, and it was pretty tasty. In fact, it tasted healthy. I have no idea if it was, but everything was flavorful and fresh and surprisingly spicy.

The King of Awesome and I also split a side of kimchee fries. Those were quite good (even if the potatoes were a little undercooked;it’s a truck and a new business—I won’t be an asshole).

SSahm BBQ appears at random, but they do announce on Twitter where they’ll be. Try it when it comes to your area. And for the love of food, tell them Yummy Awesome sent you. We’re trying to get famous here.

I prefer my food to come to me.


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