Mmmm. Licorice toothpaste.

2 Jun

I like black licorice. Actually, I love it.

And chances are, you don’t. But that’s cool; we don’t have to agree (although you’re crazy).

I also love to brush my teeth. So imagine my glee when I found toothpaste that tastes like licorice!

Truthfully, it’s fennel flavored. But fennel happens to share the same notes as my favorite dark candy.

Thank you, Tom’s of Maine, for your tasty fennel toothpastes.

It’s great to use after my nightly licorice snack. And before I chew a piece of licorice gum. Aaaand my husband hates it, so I get the entire tube to myself.

Although he was quite villainous, Lord Licorice was always my favorite Candyland character.


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