Colorful food is scary.

16 May

I ate something colorful the other day and giggled at my technicolored tongue until I had the following thought:

What does my stomach look like right now?

It’s something I’ve never wondered before. Sure, it’s all cute and funny when someone’s tongue turns shades of blue, purple, green, and yellow. You know, all of the colors that a healthy tongue shouldn’t be.

And it’s always worth a smile when someone’s fingers get stained orange, pink, or red when eating cheesy chips or crunchy crackers. Because that color takes forever to rub off.

But what about that person’s guts? What do they look like after a staining meal?

Because if a food is capable of staining one’s visible body parts, it can certainly stain the hidden parts as well.


Although I’ve discovered through various medical shows that guts are supposed to be essentially mauve colored or some shade of pink, I wonder if those multihued human anatomy models we all saw in high school are actually more accurate. At least to someone who tastes the rainbow.

This guy ate waaaay too many M&Ms.


One Response to “Colorful food is scary.”


  1. Just beet it. « - August 1, 2011

    […] If I’m going to eat something that’s going to stain my hands, mouth, teeth, and innards, I might as well eat something good like popsicles or […]

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