Perhaps it should be named after a different Saint?

11 May

People rate food on how it looks.

That means before it hits your tongue, you’ve already decided if your dinner will taste awesome or so-so.

At Saint Ann in Dallas, everything is pretty. The patio. The table settings. The staff. The clientele. And, naturally, the food.

But close your eyes, and you might as well be eating a frozen dinner.

The food isn’t terrible. But it certainly isn’t great, either. I had a pizza, which has been given glowing reports from nearly everyone. And I was underwhelmed.

My fellow lunch companions, on the other hand, all had various sandwiches. And although they said the sandwiches were tasty, they each had only a few bites. Maybe they were full after eating so much with their eyes.

I also hear you should make reservations. Far far far in advance. Which is a shame, because you shouldn’t have to plan two weeks ahead of time for blah food (unless, of course, you’re attending a family function and your crazy aunt is insisting on making the potatoes again).

Right now, Saint Ann is a hotspot. And as long as it’s the newest thing, it’ll do fine. But once the pretty people flock to another locale, it’ll need to start praying TO Saint Ann as opposed to just taking her name.


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