I can literally Taste Addison.

10 May

I don’t venture out to the suburbs of Dallas too often. After all, the restaurants are usually better within the loop (you fellow Dallas snobs know what I’m talking about).

But every year, I venture a bit north to attend Taste Addison. Because it’s a festival of food and there’s nothing wrong with that.

You go from booth to booth and eat yourself silly. Munch on a burger then get some Chinese. Enjoy some Indian followed by some French fries. Buy twelve different things and throw them into a bucket (you brought a bucket?) for a potentially deadly casserole of craziness.

Last year, they even had an oxygen bar. Which is the stupidest thing ever, but I’ve already ranted about that.

Anyhoo, after eating go ride some shaky carnival rides. One year, I chugged a beer, ate a samosa (mmm, samosa) wrapped in a funnel cake (better than regular cake), and decided to ride the space ship to Mars. Not a good idea.

So vomiting is a possibility. But just think … it gives you more room for more food!

Unfortunately, the Queen won’t be attending Taste Addison this year. I’ll be out of town. But I’m seriously thinking of canceling my trip.

Taste Addison takes place at Addison Circle Park on:

Friday, May 20 from 6 pm to midnight
Saturday, May 21 from noon to midnight
and Sunday, May 22 from noon to 5 pm

RANDOM NOTE: Apparently Third Eye Blind is going to be there this year. Insert I-want-something-else joke here.


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