Heavy whipping cream isn’t heavy duty.

9 May

I made adorable mini pies (or tarts) for Mother’s Day. My mom, much like me, loves tiny desserts.

To top my little tasties, I was going to whip up some homemade whipped cream.

Trying to save time (and keep the mess at a minimum), I decided to let the food processor do the work. Fail. Not having a mixing blade, the cream didn’t change texture after quite a while.

So I decided to whip the cream the old fashioned way–with some elbow grease and a fancy-pants William Sonoma whisk (which the King of Awesome and I won in a local Iron Chef competition).

Now, this is where I tell you that I’m sort of athletic. But I’m no Olympic power lifter. However, I still managed to whip the cream so hard that it turned into … Cottage cheese? Plaster? Wood pulp sitting in milk?

“What in the hell is that?” my mom asked me. “What the fuck did you do?”

You see where I get my mouth from.

“I … uh … guess I had too much coffee today.”

Blank stare from Mom.

“You saw me. I was only beating this for a minute!”

“Get rid of that shit.”

So the “cream” plopped/slid/rolled down the sink. But our little ginger apple tarts were still delightful.

Happy belated Mother’s Day. I hope your mom ate something yummy awesome.


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