Dried slices of sweet, tangy heaven?

4 May

The Queen of Awesome is giddy over the impending arrival of a Trader Joe’s store in Dallas. To be honest, I can’t believe she’s survived this long without one. I equate not having a TJ’s to not having WATER. After all, where else can one quench every kind of craving possible all for a mere couple bucks?

My newest Trader Joe’s must-have is the Just Mango Slices. As in, I must have it all the time and may or may not be polishing off a bag as I write this. What? It’s a small bag and MUCH healthier than the all-natural jelly beans that the Queen and I polished off when she was here last.

As the name suggests, it’s just mango. Sometimes sweet. Sometimes tangy. Always 100% mango. And delightfully chewy like beef jerky. But less meaty. Which normally for me, would be a lethal strike against it.  I forgive this little snack its lack of meat. Because it’s perfect just the way it as. And for all you sweet & spicy fans, there is a version that has chili powder sprinkled on it. Also pretty good but harder to eat the whole bag. Which depending on how you look at it, is either a good thing or a bad thing.

Queen of Awesome, it takes a while to build a store as fantastic as Trader Joe’s, so let me know if you need a snack pack from Cali and I will gladly send some tasty delights your way – and anyone else in Texas (or Canada, duh).


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