The coffee machine hates me.

2 May

Last week, I wrote about the new office coffee machine. And I said some things that could be seen as snarky.

And the machine knows it.

Because ever since, it’s been refusing to accept my tea pods and it’s been presenting me with trash.

To use the thing, you push a button and a little drawer opens up. This is where you put your coffee/tea pod. Every time I push the button, I’m presented with the last person’s used pod.

That’s not supposed to happen.

Then I throw that pod away and put in a fresh one. The drawer is then supposed to shut and the machine is supposed to make the drink.

This doesn’t happen either. That asshole of a machine chews up my pod, and then opens the draw showing me the dead tea bag–a threat if I’ve ever seen one. This, of course, is made even worse  by a series of very loud, very angry beeps.

I eventually got a drink out of the thing. I have a mug of something that looks like white tea, but smells faintly of coffee and arsenic. I’m scared.

The Wolfgang Puck CafeExpress 2, by Skynet.


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