Big Machine for so Little Coffee

25 Apr

There’s a new coffee machine in the office.

Where once rested a Flavia machine now lives a Wolfgang Puck Cafe Express 2.

It uses those little coffee (or tea) pods to create an eight-ounce drink. And I swear this machine is eight cubic feet large.

Perhaps it’s because of a massive water tank?* Although I’m about 99% sure it’s hooked up to a water line.

All I know is that my Breville electric kettle, my Teavana tea maker, my coffee press, and a few containers of tea leaves and coffee beans take up half as much counter space. Sure, they require a bit more work, but at least I can have 16 ounces of beverage without having to use to separate cups.

Long story short, I’m scared of this thing. Not to mention “Wolfgang Puck” sounds like something that a high school boy would do to a prom date behind a dumpster.

It's as large as my car. True story.

*Turns out it has a chocolate and a milk reserve for fancy-pants drinks. I discovered this after writing the bulk of my post and was too damn lazy to go back and rewrite.


4 Responses to “Big Machine for so Little Coffee”

  1. Dylan July 12, 2011 at 7:42 AM #

    Great post! I’m in the process currently of finding a coffee service or machine for the office I work at. I got a quotes for coffee service, large coffee makers, and single cup makers, from coffee suppliers I think that we’ll end up going with a maker than can handle 10 to 12 cups at a time, do you have any preference of model or type of maker?


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