Have your tea and eat it, too.

20 Apr

The Dessert Doctor knows more about confections and cookies than Julia Child, Martha Stewart, and Paula Deen combined in a blender with a sack of sugar. Here’s his latest contribution to our humble blog.


Fact: Green tea has many health benefits. This is according to
Wikipedia, so it is of course, indisputable.

Fiction: It cannot be served frozen.

…Or can it? Yes, dear readers, tis true ! Green tea is distributed in the most peculiar fashion at Asian Mint in Dallas (not to be confused with the Dental practice of the same name). Rather than handing out tired traditional cup and saucer servings to unimpressed patrons, Mint doles out Green Tea Ice Cream Cake to eager eaters.

It is a proven fact that ice cream cake contains an ingredient that causes Dessert Doctors to recall childhood. Perhaps this is because ice cream cake is best served at Chuckie Cheese’s and should be followed by a visit to the playroom. Afterwards, the whole experience should also culminate with present opening, crying, and ultimate jubilation over receiving unlimited tokens. Fortunately, Mint offers all of these experiences without the creepy Mouse costume.

Although there were no parents around to tell us what to order, my wife and I began our Asian Mint experience, by unwrapping edamame. Strangely, this appetizer bore no resemblance to my favorite GI Joe; however, it tasted much better, and had a little more salt. Afterwards, we split an entrée of Kung Pao Chicken, and yes, we cried (because heat brings tears to Dessert Doctors).

Finally, since Twinkies and Ho-Ho’s were not on the menu, we concluded with Asian Mint’s unexpected forte…Green Tea Ice Cream Cake. This hybrid tea-cake has a green exterior with white whipped topping crowned with mint leaves. The resulting taste conjures up nostalgic memories of childhood parties while catering to the urban-hippie appetite. Indeed, this is a confusing cake that enlightens the palate. I now prefer to EAT green tea, and request it chilled rather than hot.

If you are longing for a piece of childhood, but content to be over puberty, indulge in Mint’s Green Tea Ice Cream Cake.

I am the Dessert Doctor and I prescribe one slice of Green Tea Ice Cream Cake. Eat wistfully until melancholy is fully digested.


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